Why Upgrade To Windows 10?

windows10Microsoft has finally realized that people nowadays use multiple devices. This realization is evident on their new OS, the Windows 10. This operating system can run on all the typical devices most people use; from tablets to personal computers, the integration being superior to any of the past operating system. With this, it is believed that they’ll have a hold on the enterprise of the computing world, as most of the businesses (particularly the big ones) run on Microsoft.

On smartphones and such, Apple does have a better platform, however, Microsoft plans to make use of this leverage to have a firm hold on the Desk computers, laptops as well as pocket PCs. It won’t be a wonder if the time comes when Microsoft covers the management of corporate mobile devices.

Microsoft’s goal is to make Windows 10 the universal operating system. The one stop OS for all,no matter what the device is. However, great as the product may be, the problem is getting people to actually switch. Once people try the interface out, the company seems to be confident that it’ll stick.

They needed something to lure in the users, and thus came Cortana, the counterpart of Siri. Just like Siri, you can have access to the system using voice commands. They’ve also released Spartan, a somewhat improved version of the Internet Explorer. Spartan aims to provide a better browsing experience, a smoother transition when using multiple devices.

The OS offers a smooth transition. As opposed to Windows 8 which some view as a disaster, it provides a better distinction between a personal computer and a smartphone. There are still Windows 10 error but they are all very manageable.

It is evident that Microsoft is trying to push its market to pretty much every device. Being the dominant company when it comes to personal computers, they have set their sights on the world of smartphones as well. With the advancements of Windows 10 on tablets and smartphones they have indeed proven that they are still one of the key players when it comes to the mobile world. With this, we can see better competition coming from Apple and Google, and we can just hope that this will provide users like us a better experience on the next operating systems that are sure to come.

Ways To Increase Fertility Naturally

couple infertilityFertility problem is common among couples. It can be a single cause in one partner or sometimes both. Some women may have a blockage in their fallopian tube or diagnose with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). In men, the most common problem is the sperm count. A study shows that 40% of the infertility problems are a result of female conditions. Most of the infertility problems are treatable and you can do it naturally.

First is the healthy lifestyle. Having a balanced diet and regular exercise can naturally increase fertility. You need to get just enough exercise because if you do it over seven hours each week, it will affect your ovulation.

Exposure to harmful chemicals can also affect both men and women’s fertility. Stay away from pesticides, herbicides, solvents and metals like lead.

If you and your partner are having a hard time to have a baby, don’t let stress get into your way because that would be a great hindrance for your dream. If you think you’re getting burnout from work or something is bothering you or giving you a lot of stress, maybe you should take a break. Leave all the stress and plan a getaway with your partner. It could be at the beach or some romantic place that you both can have a wonderful sexy time. If you don’t have the budget, you can simply get a leave from work and make time for each other. Make yourselves feel relaxed and worry free. Clear your mind and just enjoy. Don’t pressure yourself thinking that you need to aim for a certain goal of trying to conceive. Just let it be. You can get a massage for more relaxation. Just keep your happy hormones up and you will always feel better. That would really help your body to function well and make a successful conception. Mental stress can affect egg ovulation and sperm production. It’s important that both partners are free from stress before having sexual intercourse.

Perfect timing is also helpful. Have sex during the most fertile period. There are studies which tell us that two days before ovulation is the best time frame to try.

Try these basic tips and you never know, the next thing you plan might be a baby shower.



Save Electricity At Home

Close up of electric tungsten bulb illuminating

There are two benefits that can be gained from saving electricity at home. First, money is saved from electricity bill. The lower you consume the lower the bill is. The second benefit is that it lessens your contribution to global warming. Global warming is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. Every strategy to reduce carbon emission is essential to both the planet and humanity. Here are some easy to do guide and methods to save electricity at home:

Setting a place and time for house members to be in a single room to hangout. This will allow only one light running on the whole house. This will also allow the persons involved to spend quality time with each other.

Change the outdoor lighting to a more efficient one. Outdoor lights require a lot of hours running, therefore, it is just logical to use lights which are energy efficient while not compromising its use. There are also automatic security lights that use motion detectors. This way the lights will only turn on once a movement is detected.

The reliance of appliance chores can be reduced too. There are things like sweeping the floor instead of vacuuming, hair air drying instead of blower, chopping food using a knife instead of a food processor and much more. Besides saving energy, the movement can be used to burn extra calories.

Hot water usage can be reduced. Washing the clothes with cold water can be one. Slowly adjust the temperature of the shower so that the body can adjust. Eventually, the body will get used to a cooler temperature. Shower should be preferred instead of baths. Filling bath tub with hot water consumes a lot of water and energy.

Usage of natural lighting can be an effective tool too. For task that require minimal light, it is recommended to use natural light instead.

Let us all do a part in saving our planet. Each day counts. The more efficient we use our energy the better for everyone.